Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial 3-Day Weekend! (Post 21 5/27/2013)

Welcome Haunters to the Memorial Day Weekend Blog!
 The Yard of Terror Crew hopes everyone had a Safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
The Yard of Terror Crew was at it again with venturing to the local parks this weekend. We were able to explore 4 different parks over our 3-Day Memorial Day weekend! Our first stop was at Iroquois Park in Louisville, KY. We were able to make it up to the top of the park and check out the Overlook at the park. While at the Overlook you can see almost the whole park, different sites in the area like hospitals, churches, and warehouses. You even get a look at the Downtown Louisville skyline! (See our Pictures Below:)

Our next stop was at Salt River Park in Shepherdsville, KY. We didn't do much at this park due to the weather being a little chilly. We did however have a little problem happen that we won't go into to details on our blog. Don't worry nothing extremely bad happened to our Crew, well except one person, who's name will not be mentioned. :) Like I mentioned, we wanted to go wading in the Salt River but due to the weather and the river being up we decided not to. We did spot a crane on our adventure, it was pretty cool to see!

Our next stop was the new Big 4 Bridge Walk down at Waterfront Park in Louisville, KY. This was our second time walking across this new Old Train Bridge turned Walking/Biking Bridge. This was a Majorly Awesomely Cool addition to Waterfront Park that Louisville opened this year. This bridge is always busy with people walking across it. The bridge spans over the Ohio River. Walkers or Bikers start on the Kentucky side and can walk or ride all the way across to the Indiana side! (See our Pictures Below:)
Our last adventure was at Jefferson Memorial Park in Fairdale, KY. Only one person from our Crew went on this trip with me. The weather was nice out on Monday-Memorial Day so we decided to take a hike through the forest and see what we could discover. Along our way we came across a pond that was filled with tadpoles and frogs! We continued our hike and came across the Education Center and their education areas, this was actually pretty cool to see. We did however find that we had all kinds of Ticks on our legs and feet when we got home. :( Ticks should be added to the evil Halloween Monsters List :) (See our Pictures Below:)
We end our Blog with a cool Halloween Candy Trick-or-Treat Pumpkin planter that Robert from our building crew made over the weekend and planted some orange petunias in it!
Till next time folks Happy Haunting and Keep it Spooky!