Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial 3-Day Weekend! (Post 21 5/27/2013)

Welcome Haunters to the Memorial Day Weekend Blog!
 The Yard of Terror Crew hopes everyone had a Safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
The Yard of Terror Crew was at it again with venturing to the local parks this weekend. We were able to explore 4 different parks over our 3-Day Memorial Day weekend! Our first stop was at Iroquois Park in Louisville, KY. We were able to make it up to the top of the park and check out the Overlook at the park. While at the Overlook you can see almost the whole park, different sites in the area like hospitals, churches, and warehouses. You even get a look at the Downtown Louisville skyline! (See our Pictures Below:)

Our next stop was at Salt River Park in Shepherdsville, KY. We didn't do much at this park due to the weather being a little chilly. We did however have a little problem happen that we won't go into to details on our blog. Don't worry nothing extremely bad happened to our Crew, well except one person, who's name will not be mentioned. :) Like I mentioned, we wanted to go wading in the Salt River but due to the weather and the river being up we decided not to. We did spot a crane on our adventure, it was pretty cool to see!

Our next stop was the new Big 4 Bridge Walk down at Waterfront Park in Louisville, KY. This was our second time walking across this new Old Train Bridge turned Walking/Biking Bridge. This was a Majorly Awesomely Cool addition to Waterfront Park that Louisville opened this year. This bridge is always busy with people walking across it. The bridge spans over the Ohio River. Walkers or Bikers start on the Kentucky side and can walk or ride all the way across to the Indiana side! (See our Pictures Below:)
Our last adventure was at Jefferson Memorial Park in Fairdale, KY. Only one person from our Crew went on this trip with me. The weather was nice out on Monday-Memorial Day so we decided to take a hike through the forest and see what we could discover. Along our way we came across a pond that was filled with tadpoles and frogs! We continued our hike and came across the Education Center and their education areas, this was actually pretty cool to see. We did however find that we had all kinds of Ticks on our legs and feet when we got home. :( Ticks should be added to the evil Halloween Monsters List :) (See our Pictures Below:)
We end our Blog with a cool Halloween Candy Trick-or-Treat Pumpkin planter that Robert from our building crew made over the weekend and planted some orange petunias in it!
Till next time folks Happy Haunting and Keep it Spooky!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chilling with the Yard of Terror Crew (Post 20 5/21/2013)

Welcome Haunters to another Yard of Terror Blog. What a weekend! The weather was finally nice enough to enjoy a trip to the park with a few close friends of ours! Who are these close friends of ours you may ask, why it's our crew from the Yard of Terror! Over the weekend I met up with a few people from our haunt crew and went to the Falls of the Ohio State Park and Seneca Park. The photo you see above was taken on our adventure along the Ohio River at the Falls of the Ohio State Park. I thought these flowers were so awesome! Check out the colors, see Halloween is all around us! Even nature loves Halloween! :)
Like I mentioned above our adventure began at the Falls of the Ohio. We visit this park a lot during the Spring and Summer time. The views of the Ohio River are amazing from this park! (See pictures below):
You can also find some pretty cool old fossils there and even some gems if you have a good eye. We came across some very strange sights as well. Along our hike we found bones of some sort, we are hoping they were animal bones, they were washed up in the rocks and gravel so surely they came from the river. We also came across some old foundation of what use to be a house and found a rock pile that reminded us of something off of "Blair Witch Project". (See Rock Formation below):
After leaving the Falls of the Ohio our adventure continued when we met a few more people from our crew at Seneca Park. This was my favorite places we ventured to over the weekend! We did some major hiking at Seneca Park! Along our hike we seen all kinds of sights. (See pictures below):
We had quite an adventurous weekend with our crew. Well folks hope everyone was able to enjoy the great weather over the weekend. Speaking of weather our Prayers go out to all the families in the towns of Oklahoma that were destroyed by the deadly tornados over the past few days. Mother nature can be very Wicked when she wants to be. Till next time folks Keep it Spooky and Happy Haunting!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day (Post 19 5/12/13)

Welcome Haunters and Happy Mother's Day! Hope all the Mother's had a great Mother's Day this year! I spent my day building my Mother a flower garden. I decided to surprise her this year with a flower garden instead of a pot of flowers :) She LOVED can see the final project below:

Didn't do much over the weekend. Was one of those weekends where all you want to do is be I am still planning out what all I want to do with the haunt this year. I am still thinking of which project to begin first. I may begin on putting the black plastic on my panel frames and get those stored away so that I can check off the #1 priority off my list. I can't wait till opening night aka Halloween! We are only 172 days away till Halloween 2013! We are almost half way to Halloween!
Well folks time to go for now, got to get ready to get back into the 9-5 :) Till next time Keep it Spooky and Happy Haunting and Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Run for the Roses...Orb Wins! (Post 18 5/6/13)

Welcome Haunters to the Yard of Terror weekly Blog! What a crazy weekend here in the State of Kentucky! Friday we had the Oaks Race and Saturday was the Derby! The Derby is one of the biggest races in Horse Racing History and we live in the city it all takes place in! Congrats to Orb who has won the 139th Kentucky Derby and as you can see is wearing the Garland of Roses!

I thought it was so crazy that a horse named Orb won the KY Derby! Hey Orb is Halloween related... :) Have to say we had a pretty eventful Derby day around our apartment. Had to call the Cops on an alcoholic that tried to find his car keys on our neighbors porch! Yes that's right, some intoxicated guy came stumbling down the road, well I think he drove up and parked in our parking lot, but we caught him throwing our neighbors mail everywhere, fumbling through fake flowers and even took an empty vase and poured it on his head as if it had water in it! Yea we had to call the Cops cause he then tried to tear up our flower garden! The cops did nothing of course, they have gotten fed up with our neighborhood I guess (my neighborhood, not my dads where our haunt is).

In other news I am getting ready to have my 24th Birthday on May 8th! I am excited!!! Can't wait! We will be attending an 80's Zombie Themed party on Saturday to celebrate a buddy of ours and my Birthdays. We will have pictures of all the Zombies we can catch! :)  

Well folks it has been a crazy weekend and I have another one planned for this coming weekend so until next time Keep it Spooky and Happy Haunting! Feel free to Follow us on Facebook or post your comments below, we would love to hear from you!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wicked Hot Air Ballon, Lords of Salem and Flower Gardens (Post 17 4/30/13)

Welcome Haunters to another Yard of Terror Blog! What an eventful weekend it has been! We were pretty busy this past weekend, the reason I am late posting our Blog. So let us begin!
The eventful weekend started Friday night when we attended the Kentucky Derby Festival Balloon Glow! As you can see above we discovered that this year there was a Wicked hot air balloon in the mix. This balloon was AMAZING! What better way to show off the some what spookiness of the Halloween season than a Wicked balloon! The balloon pilots were even handing out Wicked Balloon pins to pin to your shirt. I was one of the lucky guests to receive a pin! :) I have to say this was my favorite balloon at the Balloon Glow this year! It was really pretty when it lit up at night as well.
Our next eventful journey  happened Saturday when we went to see the new Rob Zombie film, "Lords of Salem". I have to say this movie is very good! It is surely a true Rob Zombie style horror film. I would give it 4/5 Stars. I would not recommend Children under the age of 16 see this movie however. The movie had lots of  nude scenes and was graphic and bloody at certain points. There were also the classic "make you jump" sound effects as well, heck it made me jump I won't It was a truly good horror film from the great Rob Zombie!
Our weekend ended with a flower planting fest! :) The weather has finally started to come around and allowing us to do more Spring like events outside so we decided to plant our annual flower bed with some flowers we have been collecting over the past few weeks. I have to say I am very pleased at how it turned out. We have been getting many comments and Likes on Facebook about the pictures we have posted of the final project.
Everyone at the Yard of Terror hopes you were able to get out and enjoy this great weather we have been waiting on for awhile! Let us know below how you spent your weekend in the beautiful weather, we would love to hear it! Till next time folks Keep it Spooky and Happy Haunting!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

RUN the ZOMBIES are COMING!!! (Post 16 4/21/13)

Welcome Haunters to another Yard of Terror Blog! RUN for your LIFE's the ZOMBIES are coming to get you in Louisville, KY! Over the weekend Louisville, KY hosted the 2013 Zombie 5K Run at Iroquois Park sponsored by the Devils Attic in Louisville KY, (a local haunt) and really did a GREAT Job! We were there as the run was taking place snapping photos and even videos of all the action! Above you can see a few pictures that we were able to get.

If you visit our Facebook Page: you can check out all the photos we were able to get while at the Zombie Run. Word going around was that there was 300 Zombies and 3,000+ runners in this event! There was a huge crowd of people watching as the Zombies tried to pop everyone's "Life Balloons". This is an event that is a must see if it comes to a city near you for sure!!!

Check out the video above to see some of the video we were able to get! Well folks till next time Keep it Spooky and Happy Haunting!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Yard of Terror on HTM (Post 15 4/14/13)

Welcome Haunters to another Yard of Terror blog! As you can see above we were finally able to get on the HauntersTalkMayhem show! I had a blast talking with Chris last Wednesday on the show! We talked about all kinds of plans that I have in store for this years haunt! Be sure to watch the video above if you missed our LIVE streaming last week.

Hope everyone enjoyed the semi nice weather this weekend. I know may people around us are getting sick so hope everyone is well and ready to start keeping an eye out for our 2013 plans! We plan on possibly next weekend heading over to our yard haunt property and measuring out the walk through area so that we can determine how many panels we need to build. Like I mentioned on the HTM show last week getting the panels built is my #1 priority this year.

Out side of the yard haunt news here in Louisville, KY next weekend we are going to be kicking off the Kentucky Derby with Thunder Over Louisville! Thunder is a huge fireworks display put on every year to kick off the Kentucky Derby festival! Louisville will also be hosting a Zombie 5k run on Sunday, we do plan to attend this event.

Sorry for such a short blog this week guys, I have been taking care of my partner while he is fighting the bug that is going around. The Transworld picture collage will continue next week. Till next time guys Keep it Spooky and Happy Haunting!